Old Friends

Showdown on the bridge as the Killer reveals his endgame.

The Bridge

Season 1
Season 1
Season 2
  • The Bridge S02 E01

    Sonya meets a man connected to her past as Marco discovers he is no longer safe in his own department. Frye and Adriana investigate the origins of the "money house." A mysterious woman crosses The Bridge into El Paso.

  • The Bridge S02 E02

    A bizarre killing attracts attention on both sides of the border. Frye & Adriana find more than they bargained for with their first lead. Eleanor enlists the help of a young boy.

  • The Bridge S02 E03

    Sonya and Marco start working together in the hunt for Eleanor Nacht. Linder pays a visit to Eva. Charlotte and Ray begin fearing for their lives after losing one of Fausto Galvan's shipments.

  • The Bridge S02 E04

    Marco gains a new ally while discovering the true extent of Fausto's reach. A disruption at a local bank provides new intel to our Detectives and Reporters. Charlotte & Ray discuss their future.

  • The Bridge S02 E05

    Eva gives her deposition. Jim Dobbs' body is cremated. Marco gets the chance to have his revenge against David Tate.

  • The Bridge S02 E06

    Eva's case hits a wall, putting Marco and Sonya in the cross-hairs. Jack Dobbs digs up his past. Frye makes a career move. Eva takes matters into her own hands.

  • The Bridge S01 E08

    Sonya pursues a cold lead despite Marco's insistence that it's a dead end. Charlotte finds out that Ray has jeopardized her ranch.

  • The Bridge S01 E09

    Marco reconnects with a friend from his past and races to save his family. Charlotte responds to her biggest threat. Linder reveals his true feelings.

  • The Bridge S01 E10

    Showdown on the bridge as the Killer reveals his endgame.

  • The Bridge S01 E11

    Showdown on the bridge as the Killer reveals his endgame.

  • The Bridge S01 E12

    Sonya uses Linder's latest problem to repair her relationship with Marco. Charlotte forms an unlikely alliance.

  • The Bridge S01 E13

    Sonya and Marco search for a missing girl. Charlotte meets someone who knows too much about her new business venture. Marco makes a decision that could change everything.

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