King of the Lake

After finishing a rowing race, a winning team member dies after being thrown into Lake Wendouree during team celebrations.

The Doctor Blake Mysteries

Season 3
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
  • Doctor Blake Mysteries S03 E01

    After finishing a rowing race, a winning team member dies after being thrown into Lake Wendouree during team celebrations.

  • Doctor Blake Mysteries S03 E02

    When a Ballarat farmer is found dead in a cow pen, locals are quick to blame livestock for trampling the man but Doctor Blake isn't convinced.

  • Doctor Blake Mysteries S03 E03

    When a social worker is murdered on Bonfire Night, suspicion immediately turns to an Aboriginal teen. But as Doctor Blake investigates he finds there was more than one person in attendance that night with murder in their heart.

  • Doctor Blake Mysteries S03 E04

    When Dr Blake investigates the death of one of Mattie's friends from university at the Eureka Memorial site, he uncovers quite a few political and family tensions.

  • Doctor Blake Mysteries S02 E01

    Doctor Lucien Blake returns from a trip to China seeking news of his daughter but he arrives back in Ballarat to find himself once again deep in a murder mystery involving the local Town Council.

  • Doctor Blake Mysteries S02 E02

    Rock N'Roll, a preacher who visits town with a dark past, bodgies, and wedgies - it all adds up to another mystery for Doctor Blake.

  • Doctor Blake Mysteries S02 E03

    John Doe - a mysterious body found in the local park. Apples, illegal workers, reds under the bed - sounds like 1950s Ballarat and a job for Doctor Blake.

  • Doctor Blake Mysteries S02 E04

    It was a dark and stormy night in old Ballarat and Cec Drury was about to be shocked at what fell from the sky in front of the Colonists'Club. Looks like another case for Dr Blake.

  • Doctor Blake Mysteries S02 E05

    Murder at the Cinema and Dr Blake is there to solve it. Was it the manager? An usher? The candy girl? One of the audience? All is revealed as Doctor Blake unravels one mystery to find an even darker one involving young girls of Ballarat.

  • Doctor Blake Mysteries S02 E06

    Two bodies in the one grave. Will Doctor Blake prescribe something to stop the coffin? Lucien horses around and eventually solves the problem with the plot.

  • Doctor Blake Mysteries S02 E07

    The local Headmaster is found dead. So who had it in for him - A student? Deputy Headmaster? Lover? And what is Chief Supt Lawson's secret?

  • Doctor Blake Mysteries S02 E08

    A mystery from Lucien's past comes back to haunt him as a mysterious room in his house reveals its secrets.

  • Doctor Blake Mysteries S02 E09

    When a beloved old parish priest is found murdered in the church confessional, Doctor Blake needs to unravel the secrets and lies of parishioners in order to get to the truth.

  • Doctor Blake Mysteries S02 E10

    When Jean's son Jack returns to Ballarat, he becomes a suspect in the murder of the wealthy Dennison family. Dr. Blake must solve a mystery that is close to home.

  • Doctor Blake Mysteries S01 E09

    A prospector strikes gold and later that night is found dead at the bottom of his mine shaft after showing off the nugget in the pub. The location of the murder triggers distressing war memories for Doctor Blake.

  • Doctor Blake Mysteries S01 E10

    The police investigate the death of Dr. Hazel Mahoney who seems to have committed suicide in her office at Ballarat Hospital.

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