Cold War 411

Ovation and The Hour present… History in review: The Red Scare

Mystery Alley - The Hour

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Season 1
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  • The Hour S02 E01 - Welcome Back

    It's late 1957, one year since The Hour was taken off air. With Freddie gone, Bel struggles to keep The Hour afloat as the new Head of News arrives. Hector's decision to ignore his marital problems has drawn him deeper into the allure of El Paradis.

  • The Hour S02 E02 - Fascists and False Accusations

    Bel bristles as newlyweds, Freddie and Camille steal the limelight at a party. But it's Hector who's the biggest victim of the evening when police arrive to arrest him on suspicion of assaulting Kiki Delane, the lead showgirl at the Soho Club, El Paradis.

  • The Hour S02 E03 - Vice

    Bel and Freddie are determined to get to the bottom of who assaulted Kiki, but dredging up the arrest angers Hector, whose drinking begins to spiral out of control. The team draws closer to the truth, but is Hector too self-destructive to handle it?

  • The Hour S02 E04 - Honey Trap

    Bel and Freddie pitch the expose Cilenti's vice network and police collusion over an anti-nuclear policy. Meanwhile, Randall and Lix's bond reignites over new information regarding their long-lost secret.

  • The Hour S02 E05 - Reckless to the Core

    When a source's body is found, a shaken Bel commands the team to halt their pursuit of the dangerous Cilenti. Freddie is determined to track a new lead: a mystery company seeking to profit from the nuclear bases.

  • The Hour S02 E06 - Fallout

    Scandal hits The Hour as Hector's face hits the tabloids. The team uncovers a major conspiracy story, but how will they tell it with one of their own in the same spotlight? Meanwhile, Bel and Freddie cross a line that threatens their relationship.

  • The Hour S01 E01 - Episode 1

    June 1956. BBC reporters and best friends Bel Rowley and Freddie Lyon spot their opportunity to be a part of a brand new current affairs program at Lime Grove Studios. But as Freddie's interview looms, a chance meeting with an old friend finds him pursuing a new story and thrusts him deep into the middle of a gripping adventure.

  • The Hour S01 E02 - Episode 2

    "The Hour" is struggling; ratings are down, reviews are terrible, and Hector and Freddie are bickering like children. As events escalate in Suez, Bel knows their only hope is to pull off a brave interview with an Egyptian diplomat. But is Hector up to the challenge? Meanwhile Freddie discovers a mysterious code which may serve as a clue to Ruth's death.

  • The Hour S01 E03 - Episode 3

    A weekend invite to a shooting party at Hector's in-laws gives Freddie an opportunity to quiz Adam Le Ray on his relationship with Ruth, while Hector struggles with his ailing marriage and his growing feelings for Bel. At the office, suspicion about Tom Kish is mounting and Isaac's on the case.

  • The Hour S01 E04 - Episode 4

    It's Freddie's birthday and the effects of Tom's death are still being felt around the newsroom. Two huge news stories are breaking but Freddie has disappeared and it's a newly confident Hector who's leading the charge. Meanwhile Bel and Hector's affair gathers steam and Isaac's got his eye on Sissy.

  • The Hour S01 E05 - Episode 5

    The war in Suez has the country divided and McCain steps up pressure on the newsroom to tow a pro-government line, but a huge anti-war protest gathering in London gives Freddie other ideas. Meanwhile pressure mounts on Bel and Hector when news of their affair gets out and Lix helps Freddie with an important lead.

  • The Hour S01 E06 - Episode 6

    "The Hour" is about to go live and everyone feels the tension as they prepare to defy government instruction and deliver a controversial episode on the crisis in Suez. Freddie finally learns what happened to Ruth, and Hector and Bel come to a decision on their affair.

  • Extra, Extra History

    Ovation and The Hour present… History in review: 1956

  • Cold War 411

    Ovation and The Hour present… History in review: The Red Scare

  • Suez Canal 411

    Ovation and The Hour present… History in review: The Suez Crisis

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